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updated 5/22/2017

hi! i'm mackynzie. i play daily and try to respond to neomails as fast as i can! if you want to trade but don't have any of my wishlist items feel free to send me a link to your tradelist and i can probably find something i like!

currently on semi-hiatus while i finish school!
it might take me longer than usual to reply to neomails.

if i don't mail you back, please feel free to try again.
i try not to ignore neomails but do tend to forget to reply once in a while.

non-wearables UFT:
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x5 (no LE)
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x1
Money Tree Mystery Capsule x1

This list is empty.

3. NC items - UFT

1 and 2 cap items UFT for casual trades! number = quantity
feel free to send me a NM even if you don't have any of my wishes!

This list is empty.
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