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Last Update: January 31, 2017

Box = 2
GBC = 2
Custom = 0 NC
My Non-Wearable UFT: Click here
Closet: Hidden
Current Status: Seeking GBC/Dyework Potions/Shenanigift Pack

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1. Highlights

Just some recent items I got or traded for. Some HTPW, some are not.

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These are some of the hard-to-part-with items aka my personal favourites. You might have to pry some of these from me (:

Apologies if I reject your offer even though your offer is a fair trade!

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3. 2:1 GBC Sale

Items UFT for 2 of my items below for your 1 GBC

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4. Regular NC Tradelist

I MIGHT be able to do 2:1 for SOME (not all!) of these items, but please ask first. :)

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5. Extra PB Clothes

Items dafrozen wants

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3. Reminder to Replace

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