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Hi there! I'm Ceara - welcome to my NC item list!

Currently, all the listed items I have are up for trade :) I'm always interested in GBCs. Feel free to neomail me if you see anything you like!

Thanks for looking and good luck trading! :*

Value Guide:


If you are new to NC trading, check out my beginner's guide at /~Luculla :)

Last Updated: May 14th, 2017

This list is empty.

Regular UFT

May consider some items 2:1 in this section! :)

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Actively Seeking

I will likely trade away my HTPW items for items in this list :)

Priority items are listed with the number 99! I can offer GBCs and customs towards these wishes.

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Somewhat Interested In

Unfortunately most of these items are very low priority for me, so please do not be offended if I turn down a fair offer!

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