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I have a HUGE unlisted wish list, so if you see something you like you can ask me to browse your TL.

Always looking for GBCs/Upcycles, although I typically won't trade my higher value items for them.

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00. Special

Stuff I'm saving to trade towards one of my big "Eventual Goals" wishes... will be pretty picky with these. If anything I might be willing to combine & trade these up for higher value populars.

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1) 1 GBC

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4) For negotiation

For items whose values I'm not certain about

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5b. For trade - side account (forlais)

Current boxes on this account: 0

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6. 2:1

  • I have:

1 Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram
2 Forlorn Sweetheart Grams
2 Little Hearts Sweatheart Grams
1 Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram

Willing to trade these as 2:1

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6a. Tradeable Closet - Main (black_beauty95)

Potentially for trade for items on my High Priority or General WLs

Higher value/popular items will probably only be for trade for other high value/populars

Lower value items (< 2 GBCs) I might be willing to trade for GBCs

I've got some other things hidden--feel free to ask/show me your WL if you're offering something from my High Priority List

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These items are reserved/pending in trade agreements. Please do not offer on them unless I move them back to my trade groups, thanks!

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