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1. PLEASE NOTE: I only trade with nice people :) If you disagree with how I set out my TL, I'd rather you not trade with me instead of getting angry

I value all populars (both yours and mine) at the highest on /~Korolie. I'd rather not trade if you value your items at the highest and mine at the lowest (particularly if popularity is generally the same).

100= side (ask if boxless)

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1.A. Closet

Please note that I am not actively seeking anything except blue NY wig. All of my lists are set to 'public' not 'trading'. 11= more than likely not going to trade away unless specified otherwise.

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1.C Dyeworks (listed as 'public' not 'trading') but some UFT

HTF dyeworks are VHTPW and a few are not UFT at the moment (like DW purple NY wig)

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3. Regular TL

Also have 1x Forlorn grams
1x Velveteen gram
3x Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram

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4. ** 1 GBC (or cookie/ dye pot depending on box count) SALE!! **


100= on a side (ask if boxless)

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4. 2:1-4:1 SALE

About to upcycle these. The amount of items you get is dependent on however many boxes your GBC gives me.

Numbers = how many I have

100= boxless sides

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These are here as a thank you to the people that have gifted me items :)

Snowy for spring arbour
REN WHY !???? I have no words....Gothic Pastel Dress. Thank you my lovely Ren cry heart
Jamie for candy floss wig
Mami for magical lotus stream
REN for Spyder heart window BG heart
Tami for Written Word Shower
Synth for willow tree
Snowy for grey box!
Rachel for waterfall piano
Melek for Gathering the glade
Melanie for Delicate Grey Dress
Sophia for Stormy Ombre Contacts and baby bob wig!!
amberstar777 for Gothic party BG
Coira for Baby Wooden Teether
Sammysaccount for Autumn Leaf Shower
ceeforcynthia for swanky lounge bg
sanamm for charming baby nursery
Hec for DW GSLG

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Items allybaby wants

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1. Casual

Not actively seeking any wishes right now but open to casual trades :)
10= not as actively seeking as the others/ already have potential trade set up

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2. For my lovely friends! (actually just Kim LOL! *heart* )

Miss you, Kim :( Come back soon!!!

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3. Just things I want

May not be actively seeking all. Mostly seeking priority and dyeworks from 'not in a list' lists.

This list is empty.

Pre trades

aviagua - belted leaf dress (to xenobia_clair) for 4 Sunset Summer Caps

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Second casual

Under the first list

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Trading up for

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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