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[2.] Regular Tradelist

Non-Wearables UFT:
Money Tree Mystery Capsule x3
Velveteen Valentine Sweetheart Gram (no LE)
Forlorn Sweetheart Gram (no LE)
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram (no LE)
Little Hearts Sweatheart Gram (no LE)
The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram (no LE)
Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

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[3.] 2:1 Sale

2 Items For 1 GBCube

Non-Wearables UFT:
Money Tree Cupcake x3
Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza
Really Ripe Banana

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[4.] Only UFT for HIGH PRIORITY WISHES (Some Closet/Gallery Items)

Willing to take offers on these if you have any of my HIGH PRIORITY wishes!!

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Items just_a_girl95 wants

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[1.] High Priority

Can offer some closet/gallery items from Section 4 of TL

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[2.] Medium Priority

Dress to Impress
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