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Gifts from friends, not for trade! ^-^

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*Info on Trading*

updated: 9/2016

Hello! -waves- I'm always open to neomails and trades- I'm on almost daily and ALWAYS respond. I use ~korolie as a guide; but just a guide. We all have those items we might value higher. All items listed are indeed UFT. My closet is hidden because I find it annoying when it isn't. xD Feel free to offer on whatever and we can hash out the details.

I'm pretty kind and laid back about trading- but if I've ever neomailed you and you haven't bothered responding to my neomails...not for nothing- I've probably recorded your UN and probably won't be trading with you. I value my time as much as you value yours, and there a lot of great NCers out there I'd rather trade my items and GBCS to. Sorry if that sounds harsh, it's really not- just trying to do my part to positively impact our community. c:

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3. Up for Trade

Not HTPW, just what I have UFT. Looking for GBC, or towards my wishes.

Items marked 99 are reserved for pretrades and are NFT.

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Items sn4zzeh wants

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1. High Priority Wishes

Items I am actively seeking and trading for.

Can offer Ghostly Orbs, Doll Contacts, Fabled BG towards Arbor wish.

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2. Medium Priority Wishes

Items I will probably trade for if I have the GBC.

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