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3. 2:1 GB Cube

All of these are available 2:1 for Gift Box Cubes, and I don't have a preference on whether they are the most recent ones available or not. I'm also happy to trade them for wishlist items. :)

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1. High Priority

Seeking Ghostly Orbs to finish this dream customization for Aelthric!

Offering entire TL, custom, your wishes! c:

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2. Medium Priority

Items needed to finish some pets' customizations!

Items marked "21" I am hoping to get in a 2:1 sale. :)

I also have these caps UFT for WL or pure GBCs:

New Year 2016 Celebration Mystery Capsule ~2

Autumn Leaf GBC ~3-4

NC Mall 4th Birthday GBC ~7

Spring GBC ~3

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Seeking these items to trade up to my dream wish of MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs!

Numbers indicate the lowest value according to /~korolie

Of course all values are negotiable, it's just easier on me to list the lowest value. c:

I can offer my TL, GBCs, and Custom!

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