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* Ducky's Tradelist & Wishlist! *

Hi there, and welcome!

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in doing a trade! I log on at least twice a day so if you neomail me it shouldn't be long until I get back to you. :D

~ LAST UPDATED 27 MAY 2017 ~

This list is empty.

A. Highlights/VHTPW

Some of my nicer items! A handful of them are closet items of mine. As of right now these are only available as part of trades for the Lace and Denim Shorts, Big Doll Eyes Contacts, or Dusty Pink Lamp Garland.

Items marked 99 are only UFT for the shorts. Sorry!

This list is empty.

E. New Releases / Hidden Stuff

This list is intended to be private and for my own reference-- if you can see it, it's by mistake!

This list is empty.

Items duckyneo wants

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A. Priority Wish... (The Wish Of All Wishes!)

Desperately seeking the Lace Denim Shorts! :o They are a dream item of mine!

If you are trading them, hit up my highlights/HTPW section and see if I've got anything that interests you! (I also have GBC I can offer.)

This list is empty.

B. Medium Priority Wishlist

These are the items I am actively seeking out right now. :)

This list is empty.

C. Dreamies

My most-wanted items. A girl can dream, right? ;)

Items marked 16 are priority here, but I would love to have all of these eventually.

This list is empty.
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