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1. Separation Anxiety

I won't lie, probably not gonna happen... here will be some of the excuses I give you before I say no:
1. My pet is wearing it
2. I value it more than the guides
3. I don't want to go through the trouble of replacing it
4. It's really only visible because I'm low-key bragging.

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2. Learning to Let Go

I might, MIGHT, be persuaded to make a trade, here. I'm less emotionally attached to these items.
Oooooh wait, no... leave my things alone! You can't have ANYTHING.
takes a pill need to breathe...WHERE IS MY PAPER BAG?! breathes into a paper bag for a long time
smiles like a flight attendant All better now. What would you like?

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3. Errythang Else

I don't care about this junk. Discounts are on a case by case basis ;)

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5. Paint Brush Items

Please, please, please take them away.

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6. Limbo

In negotiations

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3. Super Low Priority / Toss-ins

I like these things, but won't trade for them individually. If you're looking to add items to a trade, feel free to pick from this list.

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