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0. Information

Hi there, welcome to my tradelist! I have organised everything that I have up for trade into categories by cap amount I'd like per.

Everything is on offer for GBCs, but I won't say no to trades that include:

  • New Dyeworks
  • Dyepots
  • Winter RR Caps
  • Winter Faerie Caps

However, I won't trade 1:1 for anything other than GBCs and new DWs, sorry. I am also happy to negotiate on larger trades, just ask and I'll see what I can do for you. :)

I hope you all have a lovely day and I hope we can trade soon. ^_^

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0.1. Priority Wishes Only

1 Cap

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2 Caps

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7 Caps

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8 Caps

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GBC Sale (2:1)

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General Wishlist

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Priority Wishlist

Side Accounts Wishlist

The quantity listed with each item specifies the account the item(s) need to be sent to.

2 = draminka / 3 = demonisch / 4 = regole / 5 = emmy_babez

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