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A. NC Items I Want - High Priority

These are items I need for customizations I have planned or are already working on.

I can offer custom or GBC for these.

Items marked 99 are my highest priority wishes and are what I'm offering my closet items for. My closet items are NOT available for ALL items on this list! If there are no items marked 99 then my closet list will be hidden.

This list is empty.

B. NC Items I Want

These are items I like but I don't currently have anything planned for them. Feel free to offer them, I may or may not accept.

99 - A bit higher importance. Usually will always accept custom for these. Higher chance of accepting them in exchange for items/GBC.

21 - I'm really only looking for these in 2:1.

Everything else is pretty low priority. I prefer to offer in this order custom>items>GBC.

This list is empty.
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