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Hello! Welcome to my TL/WL. It's worth mentioning that I will not trade with uncivil or discourteous people. Manners and gentility are always appreciated by me. ^.~

The majority of things here are UFT for GBCs/Wishes. I will accept cookies or dye potions for some, please mail & inquire, I don't bite!

Items marked 99 are HTPW, otherwise the number indicates quantity. :)

(note: I do own the Haunting Ghostkerchief, he's not for trade!)

/~korolie & /~clara are used to determine basic values! Happy trading!!

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Favourite items that my pets are either wearing or I'm particularly fond of. Mainly seeking wishes instead of GBCs. A select few are only UFT for high priority wishes. The right offer might change my mind, it doesn't hurt to ask! (Don't virtually shout at me if I can't part with an item though, please and thank you!) ^.~

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Dyeworks Lending

Will lend for dye potions/GBCs/cookies!

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Foregrounds, Garlands, & Showers

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High Priority Wishes

Needed for outfit completion or to add to my spooky collection. :)

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