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Items KingKougra owns

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1. Highlights

Higher cap items and populars. I also almost always have GBCs and Custom available.

This list is currently only up for trade for Cake Slice #1 and Sparkler Cupcakes.

99 = Trade Pending

PLEASE READ: After getting a lot of mails asking if I'll trade items for GBCs I decided to add this; I'm not seeking GBCs for my items. I am only seeking them when I post a board asking for GBCs. Thanks for understanding and good luck trading!

This list is empty.

Up for Trade 1-2 Cap Items

This list is empty.

z Junk

Will most likely do 2:1 on these.

This list is empty.

Items KingKougra wants

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00. Priority

Only seeking Cakes and Cupcakes currently! Priority: Cake Slice #1/Sparker Cupcake Cake Slice #3/Tied with a Bow Cupcake

This list is empty.

Side Account WL

For my side accounts, this is mainly just for my reference and not actively seeking these.

This list is empty.
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