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000) Notes - Please Read!

Please neomail all offers to painted_dreams87.

If there is a number in the upper left corner of an item, that's how many of that item I have for trade. I don't use quantity for anything else.

Every NC item I have available (except for hidden closet items and non-wearables) is listed.

Boxes: 14
GBCs: 0
Grams (no LEs): 2 Little Hearts, 1 Forlorn
Last Updated: April 22nd

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02) Tradelist

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC Sale

Pick any 2 items for 1 Gift Box Cube!

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01) High Priority Wishes

These are wishes that I would like to obtain as soon as possible. I'm usually willing to open my hidden closet for the item(s) here, so please show me your wishlist if you have any of them.

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03) Casual Wishes

These are items that I like, but I don't necessarily need or don't have a customization in mind to use them. Basically, if I see an item that I would like to have someday, I add it to this list. These wishes are my lowest priority.

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