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1. Want These Gone Offer Away (UPDATED: 04/17/17)

Just random stuff that I don't have plans to use currently. Feel free to offer anything. Anything from my wishlist is auto of course. Number indicates how many I have for trade. Most of these I'm willing to let go for GBC or faerie/lab cookies.

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Sparkling Shimmer

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Need these now!!

These are items I need to finish up a customization and I know I'm going to use them. Pretty much my entire closet is fair game for these and I'm also more than willing to buy anything currently in the NC Mall if you'd like it.

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Other wish list

These are just some things I'd like to have in my closet if I ever decide to change things up a bit. They're not high priority, but I'm always open for trades so feel free to message me!

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